Our Faculty

Our world-class resource team comprises of seasoned practitioner-experts who understand corporate governance within the context of developing nations, and the full spectrum of public sector efficiency, performance, governance, and transformation.

What Makes Maddison Pine Different

  • Working with the Grain: Instead of being all things to all men we chose to serve and support the public sector organisations and state-owned enterprises in Sub-Saharan Africa. We know that there are no one-size-fits-all governance solutions such as driven by the westernisation of governance and development. Whilst promoting the universal principles of corporate governance, we situate our work in the context and culture of our client countries.
  • Our innovative approach and method for using corporate governance to drive business transformation: “the fish rots from the head” so we start from the top.
  • Our relentless focus on breakthrough and enduring results: we are distinguished by our execution track record.
  • Our partnership and stealth approach: We take our clients’ success personally; building their teams’ capabilities as we serve and support.
  • Our futuristic mindset: We challenge constructively to help our clients to better understand the current state, reject the status quo; and help them to create the future they want for their organisations and sectors.