Corporate Governance Training and Capacity Building

Bespoke Training

At Maddison Pine we believe that boards that learn together, develop together, and perform effectively. Lead and transform your organisation through corporate governance.

Entirely tailored to your organisation’s unique mandate, strategy, challenges and goals, Maddison Pine offers a wide range of customised programmes that equips Boards and Executives the knowledge, skills, and capabilities needed to ensure high performance and value creation in the long – and short-term for organisations. Maddison Pine provides opportunities to discover, share and practice techniques for achieving higher levels of board effectiveness while facing a variety of situations and contexts. Our bespoke programmes are excellent and include study visits to other countries to learn from similar organisations; to develop capacity-building relationships.

A personalised experience: we take your success personally

Our approach is centred around partnering with you; transforming your organisation through corporate governance. When working together, we will invest time in really understanding your context, challenges and opportunities; and walk with you to help you to enact corporate governance in practice and organisational outcomes.

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Sector-Specific Training

Achieving excellence and leading the pack in a global village means taking the broader view of the trends, the disruption and the key challenges that are buffeting your sector. There has never been a more critical time for sectors to learn together and to collaboratively inquire into how to achieve practical, effective, and measurable corporate governance for their organisations and for their sectors. There is a call to action for clear and transparent governance frameworks through which both internal and external stakeholders can hold boards and executive leaders to action.

These programmes provide the opportunity for a sector analysis on the application of corporate governance (challenges and opportunities); for drawing on forms of successful corporate governance behaviours, principles, practices, and frameworks; and for building a robust repository of good governance practices across Africa.

It means adopting a generalist perspective to better understand your local and global context, to anticipate and react to change and to fully see the big picture.

Benefits include:

  • Open Dialogue & Collaborative Inquiry:  Exchange insight and experience, explore new approaches and broaden your perspective through open dialogue with peers and faculty.
  • Thought Leadership: Gain exposure to the latest thinking on governance, strategic risks and leadership in the context of your sector. Debate concepts with thought leaders.

World-Class Network: Take the experience beyond the classroom and develop an invaluable network of world-class.

For further information on Sector-Specific training, please contact Dr. Fred Okpala, Head of Training at

Knowledge and Practice Exchange (KPE)

We are passionately committed to identifying, capturing, and sharing better practices, processes, policies, and frameworks for corporate governance in Africa. Our vision is to create spaces where organisations across Africa can break down geographical boundaries to have collaborative inquiries into the most important issues around corporate governance in a real-life, practical, and effective way.

Our innovative processes which brings together boards, executive leadership, and political leadership to exchange ideas, evidence of practice and expertise; and to collectively address and co-create solutions to the wicked problems of corporate governance.

Insights generated are published to build the research capabilities of corporate governance research in Sub-Saharan Africa; and practical corporate governance solutions for organisations.