Digital Board Evaluation

No matter how good a board is, it’s bound to get better if reviewed intelligently.

J. Sonnenfeld, Harvard Business Review, Sept 2002.

Board Evaluations has become a global recommended best practice in Corporate Governance.

According to the OECD (2018), Contemporary corporate governance frameworks were developed in the 2000s. Yet, since then, they appear to have had little impact on the number, scale and effects of corporate scandals and economic failures”. This can be attributed to a former focus on compliance rather than on compliance, performance, and value creation.

The evaluation of the performance and the effectiveness of boards/governing boards is now a global recommended best practice in corporate governance and Maddison Pine helps organisations in both private, public and not-for-profit sectors to critically appraise their board processes, practices, and dynamics and their strategic positioning for adding value to and contributing to the performance of the organisations they serve.

Make the Move from Paper Evaluation to Digital Board Performance & Effectiveness Evaluation

In pursuant of board processes optimization and against the backdrop of relentless technology innovation, Maddison Pine has sought to explore how technology can further enhance the effectiveness of board evaluations to advance the practical and measurable praxis of Corporate Governance.

Effective Boards recognize that the success of any organisation ultimately depends upon the capacity of its directors to provide the strategic direction and the vision that is needed for the organisation to thrive and to achieve optimal performance with demonstrable outcomes.

vision and direction needed not only to survive, but to develop and prosper. Therefore, make a commitment to develop the capacity of the board of directors to improve both their personal and collective contributions to the overall development of the organisation.

Maddison Pine Board Evaluations –Build High-Performing Boards

Maddison Pine’s BoardSmart™ Digital Board Effectiveness Evaluation helps organisations to rigorously evaluate and report board performance in a straightforward, convenient, and cost-effective way. Every aspect of its functionality has been informed by Maddison Pine’s experience with public sector, state-owned enterprises, and government boards in Africa and internationally.

Maddison Pine helps you save time, lower costs, reduce internal hassle, and improve reporting for all types of board evaluation survey, qualitative one-to-one interviews (using technical platforms), and data triangulation for analysis.

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