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Corporate Governance Consulting

In the increasing VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world we live in, Boards are under greater scrutiny and are being held more accountable for organisational performance.

At Maddison Pine, we say that “Nobody was born a board member”. All boards need support in helping them to successfully perform their fiduciary duties; execute their oversight role; and to achieve the balance between conformance and organisational performance.

You cannot legislate behaviours, so using our tried and tested behavioural governance tools, we go beyond conformance (compliance) to enable boards to make sound decisions that will add value to the organisation and improve performance.

This is about challenging the rhetoric of governance and working with organisations to achieve what we call governance congruence; when espoused theories of corporate governance matches the praxis of governance.

Most importantly, we help Boards to create a narrative of change and to build lasting legacies.

Our Governance Consulting Services includes:

  • Governance Reviews
  • Development and Implementation of Corporate Governance Framework, Protocols, Processes.
  • Digital Board Evaluation
  • Board Induction
  • Board Secretariat Interim Services

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