Our Approach

Global Insights, Local Practice

It is very important to us that we must always take culture and context into consideration when designing and delivering our programmes. Whilst there are universal principles of good governance, there are no institutional templates that are valid everywhere, for all organisations, for all countries and; for all stages in a country’s development.

Global Insights - Local Change

Global Insights – Local Change

We believe that whilst it is very useful to learn from global best practices it is prudent to build an approach that is based on ‘best fit’ without compromising the fundamental principles of effective and good corporate governance.

As a result, we are continually driven towards innovation and our programmes apply a rigorous, action-learning, and non-centric approach to building capability and capacity in corporate governance and board effectiveness. Guided by this philosophy, you will join peers from across the public sector and state-owned-enterprises in other countries to evaluate the practical, real-world issues facing boards and challenges faced by today’s leaders.

“Leading the Board is full of real-world examples that directors can use to improve their leadership and decision making—an impressive one-stop shop outlining board member roles, responsibilities, and actions, including the boundaries that boards and companies often fail to recognize. The checklists for putting this advice into action are comprehensive and practical – the best I have seen.”

“If you are interested in building a truly effective and high performing board, The Innovative Board is a ‘must attend’ programme. It was such an eye opener, with practical steps to take back and put to work immediately. The case study was brilliant! Unforgettable!.”

“The programme has helped to enlighten my approach to board membership and leadership. It has also increased my understanding of the necessary distinction between strategy, its execution and the tasks each member of the board of directors should be performing”

“As we worked through the exercises, I came to understand that the issues I struggle with are the same ones that challenge directors who have served on boards for years. To be an effective board member, you really need to vet your conscience and speak up, even if your idea is contrary to the prevailing sentiment within the group. Board members must also be cognizant of conflicts of interest that exist among board members, and also within themselves. Making Boards Work: Board Evaluation & Board Effectiveness was, without doubt, the best board development programme I have attended.”